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What our participants say

For me the program has been a complete life changer. I'm now a way more self-confident person and I feel way safer than before. I can clearly communicate what I want (or not) and set up boundaries and that has created an extremely positive impact in my professional and personal life. Knowing the different techniques to set boundaries, go through really uncomfortable situations and getting to practice all of it, it's something that I recommend everyone to go through. That's why I wanted all my team at the EMEA Professional Women's Council to follow it and guess what? Also, a life changer for all of them!
The training gave me a solid framework to react differently in critical situations and act different than in the past.
I would really want to mention the way you make contact with others: you listen really well, you hear & see them and respond with great respect. It creates a sense of safety. Which is great to experience.
It helped me a lot to become more aware of my boundaries, and defend them in different ways. Highly recommended!
My experience with Nina and Iris was eye-opening. Both have the ability to guide, accompany and let a person feel his/her inner power. I left the training uplifted, somehow grounded. And I learned a new model. Fantastic!
Bonne organisation, belle ambiance, tous les participants sont accueillis et écoutés comme ils sont, avec bienveillance. L'animation est très dynamique et joyeuse ce qui permet de dédramatiser pour certains. Animation super à conseiller pour tous.
It used to scare me to find myself in a situation in which I had to say 'no' at some point. Somehow, I always ended up saying: "Sure, no problem!" Nina and Iris have offerend me a way out. They taught me techniques to feel and respect my boundaries and needs, both physical and mental ones.
Very useful and insightful sessions which led me to look at myself and my strengths from another perspective and find power in myself as a woman, wife, mother and a human being.
Highly recommended - the agenda was perfect, with many interactive exercises, a friendly atmosphere, and nice people.
Cette formation est impactante et le nom ne trompe pas ! Ces quelques heures du stage m'ont permis de me découvrir et d'apprendre beaucoup sur moi et sur mes ressources. Les instructeurs ne sont pas de magiciens mais tout simplement permettent aux participants de voir de quoi ils sont capables! C'est complet, pratique, structuré, intense et UTILE - peu importe le background de la personne. Merci pour cet empowerment!
Fantastic training that is a life changer. You find all your strengths and realize of all your potential. Definitely skills learned for life and a must do.
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