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Our programs

Our programs focus on increasing people's mental and physical resilience.

Through trauma-informed training, we train and practice skills that will help people recognize and respond to different forms of interpersonal conflict and aggression in a safe and constructive way. 

Our programs include professional Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) training, are principle-based and always tailored to the needs and reality of the groups we work with.

Training to...

  1. Increase confidence & sense of control

  2. Communicate assertively

  3. Resolve conflict

  4. Recognise harmful behaviour

  5. Safeguard safety of self & others

  6. Build constructive relationships

By focusing on...

  1. Awareness building

  2. Boundary setting

  3. Verbal strategies for deescalation and conflict resolution

  4. Physical safety skills

  5. Bystander intervention

  6. Active listening & support

Guiding principles

We strive for connection, trust and interaction between the participants and trainers.

Training should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, cultural background or physical condition.

Fun, play and interaction as important learning methods.

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