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About us

The Resilience Training Institute was founded as a result of a cooperation between mother & daughter, passionate professionals in the fields of Non-Violent Communication and Empowerment Self Defense, with a strong wish to contribute to a more resilient, courageous and above all peaceful society.

By actively designing and providing programs that develop, promote and strengthen mental and physical resilience, we aim to contribute to an environment where sustainable action and constructive communication are the guiding principles.


Our mission is to strengthen people in their capacity to respond to different forms of interpersonal conflict, transgressive behaviour and violence in a safe and constructive way; and shift people's mindset and self-image from I can't to I CAN.

So that all people can thrive by contributing to their own well-being and that of the people who surround them. 


We value freedom, security, respectself-respect
stabilitypeace, contentment, and the right to be for every person.

Meet the team!

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