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What we do

Skill-based training programs for empowerment, conflict resolution and personal safety.

Mentally and physically.

Why we do it

To give people options on how to respond to conflict, transgressive behaviour and aggression. So that they can actively make choices that work for them.

We believe that once people embrace their strength and feel capable of taking charge of their own wellbeing, they will be more likely to take care of themselves and those around them, building constructive relationships with others based on respect, compassion, and mutual understanding.

And those relationships will benefit all persons to live in more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable societies.

Who we serve


For companies who are actively working towards an empowered, resilient and inclusive company culture.


Who are looking to empower their own staff, and the specific target groups they are working with.

First responders

Safety and resilience training for firefighters, paramedics, doctors, and any other persons and professionals who are the first to intervene in situations of crisis and emergency.

Schools & universities

Who are looking to equip their students with interpersonal life skills, to contribute to their development into more confident, empathic and resilient citizens.


Who are looking to boost the confidence, courage and assertivity of themselves, or others in their family, friends or community

How it works

Our brains and bodies are programmed to survive, not necessarily to thrive. The moment conflict arises, you’re survival mode (fight, flight, freeze or fawn) is likely to kick in. That is why we we focus on boosting your mental and physical resilience.
By training your mind AND body we want to broaden your capacity to respond to conflict in a constructive way, surpassing survival mode, setting you up to thrive with control, empathy and courage.
All our programs are tailored to the context and the needs of the persons trained, and include some or all of the following skills:

Awareness & intuition


Conflict resolution

Physical safety skills

Bystander intervention

Active listening & support

They work with us

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