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Empowerment &

Violence Prevention Education

Of all the people close to you, some will have been either bullied, abused, manipulated, harrassed, stalked, threatened, raped or assaulted. From those who haven't, some will be. Resulting in trauma, mental health issues, and sometimes even death. How does this not impact us as a person, a friend, a partner, a brother/sister, a parent, a colleague, a professional? 
Well, it does. But it doesn't have to.


We CAN do better.

So let's DO better.

Empowerment & Violence
prevention education

We are a non-for-profit organisation that delivers empowerment & violence prevention programs and consulting for individuals, companies, educational institutions, governmental organisations, NGO's and human right activists. Both locally and globally.

Our focus is on primary violence prevention, meaning education that addresses concrete skills and strategies that enable people and organizations alike to recognize, respond to and interrupt all forms of violence and transgressive behaviour before or as it is happening. In the safest way possible.

We want people to walk out of our training with a renewed awareness of their strengths, capabilities, and courage; confident that they have the skills to stand up for what they believe is right, and to build constructive relationships that serve them and their environment.


Every day again. 

training tO...

Increase confidence & self-esteem

Communicate boundaries

Build constructive relationships

Deal with stressful situations

Resolve conflicts

Speak up for oneself and others

Ask for help & offer support

Safeguard safety of self & others

Understand & give consent

Recognize & respond to harmful behaviour

e.g. bullying, harassment, intimidation, manipulation, coercion, and physical violence.

working for sociaL impact

We believe that empowerment cannot be achieved alone. Therefore we dedicate a part of our time working with groups that otherwise do not have the resources or access to similar trainings.


Which means that investing in a training with us, equals investing in the Empowerment of others!


On our own initiative and in cooperation with local and intenational partners, we facilitate different types of trainings in order to contibute to:


  • Fighting Gender-Based Violence 

  • Peacebuilding

  • Conflict Resolution


connect with us!

Would you like to know if we can contribute to the safety and empowerment of yourself and those around you, or are you looking for a partner in violence prevention projects? Let's connect!

What participants say

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