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Training programs for courageous and resilient workplaces.

The unique essence of all our programs is about cultivating a YES mindset. YES to a value-based workculture where people and their wellbeing are at the heart of the organisation.

Happy Friends

Courageous minds, inclusive cultures, and a resounding YES attitude.
That, is what we do.

Our programs



Empowering leaders in the workplace to ensure an inclusive and resilient space for everyone in their teams.

Group Therapy


Empowering individuals to set boundaries and navigate challenging conversations with confidence and clarity. 

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Equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to identify, address, and prevent disruptive or harmful behaviors. 

Local & Global


Belgium office

For companies and organisations based in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. 


Uganda office

For companies and organisations based in Uganda.


Global reach

For companies and organisation with offices in different regions of the world.

Sharing Ideas

For me, the program has been a complete life changer. I can clearly communicate what I want (or not), and set boundaries, which has created an extremely positive impact in my professional and personal life.

That's why I wanted all my team at the EMEA Professional Women's Council to follow it and guess what? Also, a life changer for all of them!

- Marta Carrera González, EMEA Senior Commercial Engineer, participant in the Courageous Communication program

Our unique approach

Boost the overall employee experience.

Nourish a workculture of inclusion and progress.

Your benefits

Enhanced Employee Wellbeing & Retention
Strengthened Teamwork and Collaboration
Improved Mental Health and Reduced Burnout
Increased Productivity and Performance
Enhanced Brand Reputation 

Our strengths

Extensive international expertise.
We have vast experience working with organisations based in Europe, the USA, Africa and Latin America.
Evidence-based methodologies.
All of our programs are rooted in evidence-based and proven methodologies, regarding both content and the way that people learn.
In-person, online & hybrid learning.
Depending on the program and your needs, we can deliver our programs 
We work with an array of different trainers, delivering programs in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. 
Tailored to your needs.
Our programs aim to serve the people within your organisation. Hence, we tailor our programs to your organisation's context and objectives.

They work with us

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